Hi! I’m Amanda Ferrer, and if I had to summarize all my life in one word, that would be Fernweh. It is the German translation of “passion for traveling”, that paradox of feeling nostalgia for someplace where you haven’t been yet.

I guess that if you’ve found me, it is because you can also feel identified with this definition. Or, if that’s not the case, I just hope to inspire you enough to leave this page with the desire to explore the world!

¿Why “the Coordinates of Amanda”? Well, as a photography lover (although I don’t consider myself as a professional photographer or anything), I fell in love more than once with images of places that I never knew its location or how to get there, most of them in the social media. Although many people share the location of the spot, very few are specific enough. So, my idea is to include the coordinates of the points where I take my photos from, so this time there won’t be any doubt 🙂