Caves of Can Riera: the Catalan Antelope Canyon

These caves in Torrelles de Llobregat have shapes that remind us of Arizona, but they are close to Barcelona! If you visit Catalunya en Miniatura, you should also consider exploring them.

The hike to the caves and back is over 10km from where we parked the car (N 41º21’49” E 1º59’00”), and at the end you need to climb a bit, so be prepared to get dirty. Anyway, it’s not so difficult to get there, people go with their child and dogs without any problem. But I have to say that the road is not signposted, because neighbours want to keep it that way.

I recommend to look for information before going there. We used the instructions on THIS blog, and everything was easy to follow until we got to the V shaped trees (N 41º21’56” 1º57’45”), where the road was not so clear. When you see them, you don’t have to continue through the same principal road that goes to the right, you have to turn left and get into the woods. And then we got lost.

We spent like two hours climbing, knowing that it had to be a better way to get to the caves (that WASN’T an easy climb). When we finally came out of the undergrowth, we were at the top of the mountain, but didn’t see any cave or any cactus (the cactus is the sign that you’re near). So, we gave up and started to go down (it was a little bit dangerous and so easy to fall) and don’t know how, we started to see cactus and to hear people below. So we keep descending and we found the caves! And a lot of people too… how did they get there?

(N 41º22’01’ E 1º57’35”)

We took some photos and started the way back, this time was easy because it was a lot of people to follow. We arrive to the V shaped trees without any problem! Didn’t know where we got into before, but surely it wasn’t the best way. When we turned left and got into the woods, our logic said that we had to go up because the caves were up, but it seems like we had to keep left and follow another path that went a little down.

(N 41º21’56” 1º57’45”)

Some recommendations: as I said before, the clothes will get dirty, so better wear old ones and good footwear! Also, protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen and a cap (I didn’t wear one and spent the whole afternoon dying because of a headache). You can use trekking sticks too, if you feel more comfortable, but we got into way more difficult paths and survived without them hahahahahah

Most of all, be careful with the cactus! We tend to grab everything while we were climbing, like branches of trees or rocks, and we almost touched them more than once thinking that were trees.

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