How do I plan my travels?

In this post I’m not going to talk about my trips, but how I plan them (and the perfect app to do it and don’t miss any place)!

At the beginning, I mainly searched for travel inspo in Instagram or travel blogs, to discover a lot of interesting spots around the world. Every time I stumble into a new beautiful place, I save it on Google Maps, so now it’s full of points of interest:

For example, let’s say Bali is my next destination (I wish!). I go to my map and see all the places that I’ve saved there, and it’s easy to visualize an approximate route:

Now that I know all the spots I want to see, I just need to book flights (I normally use Skyscanner or Kayak) and accommodation (Booking and Airbnb are my favorites). Also, it is important to search for information in travel blogs (like the ones that I recommend here) or in the Lonely Planet guide, so you are aware of everything that can happen and know about transports, safety and more. Also, my father has a travel agency called Nirvana Viatges, so I have the best assistant if I have any questions or need anything, like good travel insurance for example.

And that’s how I planned my trips before, using a lot of different webs or apps! But then I discovered MAPIFY, thanks to Matilde and Miguel (from TravelB4Settle). We were chatting via email when I told them the idea of starting a travel blog, and they recommend me this new social network. I use it from my computer, because the mobile version was only on iOS, but now they’ve launched the app for Android too!

So, if you are looking for travel inspiration, I can highly recommend Mapify, because it’s focused on trips around the world. It has a talented community of photographers and globetrotters sharing their experiences and best spots, so you always discover new places (not just the “instagrammable” ones) and you can add them to your personal wishlist:

But the most incredible feature is the PLAN section. You just need to write the destination and the duration of the trip (number of days or exact date), and Mapify does the rest for you. It searches the most popular spots the community has shared, and distributes them along the days.

Quite similar to the one I planned before, uh? Well, now you have a base to start, but of course you can remove places and change the order if you like. Also, you can add new spots (for example the ones you saved in your wishlist) and Mapify will recommend you a day to visit that place, because understands the proximity with the other spots in the route.

It also looks for different Airbnb accommodations that you can choose for your trip, and gives you some information about the destination (like the currency and averaged prices, disease risks, emergency numbers, temperature, etc.).

In conclusion, Mapify just summarizes almost all of my previous steps in just one amazing and visual App. Just go and give it a try! You can check my profile here if you want to follow my itineraries.

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