From August 30 to September 11 (2018);


I wanted to visit this photogenic country with my couple for a long time, so after saving a lot (since it’s not a cheap place to travel), we finally booked our flights!

We bought them very early (in February they were already around 200€ per person), because we had to plan our route in a rented car to look at the different hostels where to sleep. Many say that the trick to save some money is to get everything as soon as possible!

The decision that we had to make was: to drive only through the southern coast or to completely surround the island? Most of the places we wanted to visit were on the south, so we decided to go more calmly to visit them than to see the whole country quickly.

Of course, sooner or later we will return to see the north! Because we had to sacrifice some places like Dettifoss and Goðafoss waterfalls, and the Myvatn Nature Baths as well… among others.