How did I start creating this blog? Well, I have been following some special people for a long time, either photographers or travelers (or both) that they constantly inspire me with their content. I hope one day I will arrive as high as they, in my own way!

So I want to dedicate them this little corner of my website, so they can inspire you as much as they do with me, and who knows, maybe one day you’d also end up getting into the creation of your own blog 🙂

Hope to meet you someday, anywhere in this world!


This couple is so funny and natural, just go and give them a follow! I found them when they were travelling around  India (since it’s the country that I most want to see) and loved the vibes. I’m very proud of their evolution! P.S.: Charlie and Lauren, if you’re reading this, remember that you have a free tour guide when you’ll come to Barcelona 🙂


If you’re looking for good visual content, he’s one of my favourites. You can take a look of his photos or Youtube videos to know what am I talking about. Also, you can buy his amazing Lightroom presets here.


The most fashionable traveler! She’s the partner of @doyoutravel, and also a perfect visual content creator! Loving her looks? Just click this link and learn more about them.


A Portuguese couple that I also discovered thanks to India. I’ve been following them since they were there, and they helped me a lot to build my site with their posts about how to start a blog and with their free e-book to work online. We also talked a few times by email, they’re very kind and answer all the questions you could have, so don’t by shy and say something to my neighbours!


I probably wouldn’t have visited Iceland if it wasn’t for him. This photographer captivates me with every picture, and always makes me want to travel anywhere he goes. Haven’t you seen “Under an Arctic Sky” yet? He also does photo workshops (which I can’t afford right now) but sure that they may interest someone who can!


Okay, so now is when I realize that all my favourite inspirational travellers are couples hahahahaha 🙂 This one also has a beautiful love story behind, which you can read here. Is this not enough to follow them right now?


He’s another photographer that made my desire of knowing Iceland grow. His YouTube videos helped me a lot when it came to discovering the best places to photograph there. His channel has several episodes about the country, each one showing a specific spot, how to get there and explaining tricks to photograph it. Besides Iceland, he also talks about Norway or the United States, among others.

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